These images are part of an ongoing body of work that looks at humans in nature.

I believe humans are a part of nature and wilderness and are inseparable from it. It is where we come from; and as ecology has shown there are inextricable symbiotic links between flora and fauna and ecological processes that have evolved through millennia to create the world of life that we are a part of today.

What has emerged in my images over the last decade is the intimacy of life and land. I look beyond the seductive and picturesque landscapes for the honest, quirky, and sincere in the world; however difficult or un-pretty- so we can begin to recognize and appreciate the intimacy in our own personal landscapes.

Abandoned trailer by the old cemetery

Coyote & deerskins

Down by the river

Winter barn

River swim

Outdoor shower (post-Irene)

Power line tree

Butterfly meeting

Through the brambles

Baby Ruth

Fences along the Intevale in winter


Pioneer Dreams

Baby’s first Ski Jump

Old railroad bridge

Barry’s pond


Sunday on the Pamet

Beach fire

Water dancing (East)

Rope swing