Milkweed pods late fall

Yellow globeflowers and blue skies

Ice marsh

forest steps

first garden

field barn sky

twilight harbor boats

drying peppers

Misty morning on the Pamet

Lily pads on Gull Pond

Summer dog with flowering raspberries

Rubber duckies

Road closed in winter

Porch still life with Lefty

Brush path

jack o’ compost

Hillside patriot

Burning boat

View from Bald Mountain

Iced king pines

Gray barn blue sky

Barn & Black Locust

Coast Guard Lagoon

Iced Lake Champlain

Old railroad bed

South Hero Farmstead

Target practice at Sunset View

Night peonies

Shell of a house

Fall on Potter

Fresh till in Gill

Sunrise pickerell

Retreat Meadows daybreak

Plymouth rock parking lot

Abandoned camper

Sunset & power lines

Ladies room

Potter farmhouse

Temporary skate park

Skating rink

Twin apple trees

rain puddle in TF

Ancient maple